UVC lamp disinfection robot- Folding wings            
Control handle Auto navigation(optional)
Use site:Indoor Life time:2H Communication:Wifi Load capacity:50kg 9-planes disinfection Battery:10AH
Size:550*425*1572mm Self weight:40kg


-WDR02 series UVC lamp disinfection robot is equipped with short-wave UVC lamp for disinfection and sterilization, which can destroy the viral DNA / RNA in a few minutes and cause death.
-Using a mobile robot chassis as a carrier, equipped with UVC UV disinfection lamps for autonomous mobile multi-point disinfection of the surface and air of environmental objects.
-It is proved by research and experiment that short wave ultraviolet irradiation can eliminate spores and bacteria in the environment, and the inactivation of multidrug-resistant bacteria has reached a high disinfection requirement, and the sterilization effect can reach 99.99%.
-Product support 7 or 9 face super-brightness irradiation disinfection.



UV light

7 or 9 groups


550*425*1572mm, Without left and right folding arm deployment

Body weight


Load weight


Screen size

4.3 inch screen

Type of battery

Lithium battery

Battery capacity

10AH 24V

Duration time

2 hours

Charging pile input


Navigation accuracy


Running speed (maximum)


Running speed (minimum)


Anti-collision method

Lidar obstacle avoidance

Product parameter
Product features

?Laser SLAM autonomous navigation chassis, equipped with remote control APP and can be set to        expand the autonomous navigation method to arrange the map to achieve accurate positioning within
± 5mm.
?Ultraviolet light according to omnidirectional mobile multi-point, multi-angle disinfection.
?Equipped with high power killing, the energy intensity of the irradiation surface is above 40mJ.
?Disinfection effect:surface killing (100 square meters or more) can be completed within 10 minutes.
?Battery design supports removable structure, it is faster to replace the battery offline, and reduce the weight of the car body to make handling easier.
?Equipped with lidar safety obstacle avoidance, expandable front contact bumper bar, multiple emergency stop buttons and other safety protections to better protect the equipment and on-site operation safety.
?Range and angle of irradiation design for product design fully consider the influence of seats and aisles (using telescopic folding wings).
?Product is suitable for disinfection tasks in aircraft cabins, high-speed rail car and school classroom.

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